Plastic Head Nails & Screws

Plastic Head Screws


Plastic head screw is a new type of screw with molded plastic cap on the screw head. Common types are PZ2 recess molded screws, hexagonal molded screws and bi-hexagonal molded screws. Generally made of stainless steel 304HC, the regular specifications for PZ2 recess molded screws are 4.2x18mm and 4.2x24mm, which are widely used for the fixed installation of various digital number plates. Plastic head screws can also be produced according to customer needs with other materials and various plastic head colors. The length of the screw is generally in the range of 10-65mm, which can be used in the construction of some public facilities, as well as the fixation of identification plates, license plates, fences, etc., with the features of portable installation, anti-rust, and maintenance-free.