Plastic Head Nails & Screws

Plastic Head Nails


The tough plastic head pins and nails are made by SUS304L/SUS3316 corrosion resistant stainless steel. The shatterproof plastic head is mainly made of Nylon PA6 with anti-ultraviolet material, which is ideal for fascia and soffit. We have provided a number of regular colors for the plastic head pins and nails. The UV stable head colors could also either be customized within RAL standard colors or made according to customers’ requirements. Specially defined annular ring shank maximizes the pull out resistance and the diamond point ensures an easy fixing and neat finish.


  • UV stable plastic head, with a wide range of colors, could meet customer needs for color matching.
  • Nails made of stainless steel materials, with high corrosion resistance, are suitable for all kinds of tough environments.
  • The specially designed annular ring shank and diamond point make the fixing more convenient and firm.
  • The unique structure of plastic head pins and nails makes it widely applied in industry, which greatly reduces the labor and time cost of customers.




No. Part No. Material OD Length Package Colors
1 2.0 * 25mm Head: Nylon PA6
Nail: Stainless steel
SUS 304 (A2), SUS 316 (A4)
2.1 mm 25 mm 250/box White
RAL7001 etc.
2 2.0 * 30mm 30 mm
3 2.0 * 40mm 40 mm
4 2.0 * 50mm Head: Nylon PA6
Nail: Stainless steel
SUS 304 (A2), SUS 316 (A4)
2.6 mm 50 mm 100/box
5 3.05 * 40mm Head: Nylon PA6
Nail: Stainless steel
SUS 304 (A2), SUS 316 (A4)
3.2 mm 40 mm 100/box
6 3.05 * 50mm 50 mm
7 3.05 * 65mm 65 mm


Plastic head pins and nails are general purpose nails most often used in the building construction and decoration industry, to fix fascia, soffit, cladding, fencing as well as windows etc. It offers a colorfast, cost effective fixing solution for UPVC products, specifically for use on exposed fixing areas, particularly UPVC and other maintenance-free profiles.